Our program has been designed to make it easy to be taught and fun for students. Schools can license and deploy our program for their students. Schools will be given tools and training to enable their own teachers to conduct the classes.



Through our years of working with schools, MoneyTree understands that schools aim to develop students who are well prepared for their career and financial future. To cater for this, MoneyTree has developed its FLIP program specifically for schools to license and deploy within their campuses. Schools will appoint their own teachers to conduct MoneyTree’s program with the help of learning tools supplied by MoneyTree. This gives the schools essential control over the scheduling of the classes and classroom management.


How do we support schools:

  • Our Content

Schools are given access to of MoneyTree’s fun filled content, which have been designed and categorised according to age groups

  • Tools & Tests

Schools are also provided with MoneyTree’s classroom tools, such as MoneyTree currency, activity items and its proprietary financial aptitude test

  • Training & Support

Schools’ teachers are given MoneyTree’s proprietary training before they conduct any MoneyTree sessions. Continuous support via the various online channels is also given thereafter


How Our Licensing Works